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04.10.2017 14:54
What PS3 Platinum trophy are you chasing? Antworten

Hello Everyone

"Being as we don't have a trophy section anymore and miss the old what platinum are you chasing topic,I thought I'd start this one specifically for PS3 but anyone feel free to start a similar topic for PS4 or Vita in the relevant boards.

Not far off the Prototype 2 platinum myself which should be a given just need to finish hard playthrough on a New Game+ file.Got a bit of backlog of PS+ and retail not sure what to platinum next also balancing gaming time with PS4.

Anyhow what platinum(s) are you guys chasing? Have you got games like me that have been sitting around for ages just a trophy or two away from platinuming like collectables.difficulty play or mop-up etc?

Any idea, suggestions would be appreciated ,


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